Bobbie Louise Hawkins’ BIJOUX explores both the hope and futility of everyday life with wit and erudition.

“Most interesting works of word-art arise out of a sense of our being ‘at a loss for words’—while knowing that there must be some, out there, among all the deafening racket of the outside: words we may use to counter and cut through pandemonium, to clear a space, to have this moment, in these words. Again and again, with elegant insight, wit, and compassion, Bobbie Louise Hawkins’ poems invite us into such spaces of human clarity.”
—Anselm Hollo

“These bittersweet poems capture the hope, absurdity, and folly of our lives. They are short but cut deep with a brilliant clarity and compassion.”
—Lucia Berlin

“Quotidian angst, deep withering wit, homily wisdom and a brave, high tone reside in Sensible Plainess. Bobbie Louise Hawkins brings her evolved prose ear and eye to this subtle range of poems. One hears the pins drop and can’t wait for the next ‘bon mot’ verse. These are the quips, asides and beauty of a brilliant stylist.”
—Anne Waldman