I thought if I just worked hard enough

I thought if I just worked hard enough
that would make it all be ok. So
I worked real hard. And when that wasn’t
working I worked harder, so finally
that’s all I was doing.
Even when I tried to have fun it
was work for me, even when I was
in bed with my wife, going to a movie,
it was all muscle, just muscle. I was
tired. I was exhausted. I couldn’t stop.
I didn’t even want to stop. I didn’t
need rest. I needed to be right. I needed
all that working to pay off. I needed
the movies to be good ones because it
was work for me to get there. I needed
promotions and bonuses and more training.
I needed my wife to have orgasms
like payday. I needed my kids to love
me and respect what I did for them, all
that work. I don’t mean `needed’, I mean
I worked for it. I worked for all of it.
I worked and worked. I learned more
about working. I got better and better.
So now I should have everything I want.