Tomorrow I’ll let it matter

Tomorrow I’ll let it matter
When I’m stronger, when I’m
better looking, and everybody
that sees me will give me
the best of everything they’ve
got that can help me, even if
it means depriving themselves.
Because that’s the kind of guy I am.
I need what you’ve got. The stuff that
really works. I can’t stand one more
iffy prospect spreading out
before my eyes like a view.
I need stuff that’s proven and
effective and makes me look good
just by putting it on and you say,
Here, this is for you.
And I believe it. I recognize it
when I see it. Even if it’s
the first time I can see it’s
for me. That’s what I need.
Real friends. People who’ll put
my interests ahead of theirs. The
world’s a selfish grinding place.
Everybody out for just themselves.
I’m going to change all that,
give you the chance to give.
It isn’t asking too much.