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About Bobbie Louise Hawkins

Bobbie Louise Hawkins (July 11, 1930 – May 4, 2018) has written more than twenty books of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and performance monologues. She has performed her work at Joseph Papp’s Public Theater, Bottom Line and Folk City in New York City; at The Great American Music Hall and Intersection in San Francisco, as well as readings and performances in Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Holland, and more. In England she worked with Apples and Snakes, read at the Canterbury Festival and the Poetry Society. She was commissioned to write a one-hour play for Public Radio’s “The Listening Ear,” and she has a two records: one with Rosalie Sorrels and Terry Garthwaite, Live At The Great American Music Hall, available from Flying Fish on Amazon, as well as Jaded Love with Lee Christopher and the Al Hermann Quartet. Her first one-woman show of paintings and collages was at the Gotham Book Mart in 1974. In 1979, she was one of 100 poets from eleven countries attending the “One World Poetry” festival in Amsterdam. In 2001, Life As We Know It, a one-woman show, was performed in Boulder and New York City.

Bobbie was raised in West Texas, studied art in London, taught in missionary schools in British Honduras, and attended Sophia University.  She has received a Fellowship in Literature from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). She was invited by Anne Waldman and Allen Ginsberg to begin a prose concentration in the writing program at Naropa University where she taught for over twenty years until her retirement in 2010. She continues to offer readings and teach for Naropa’s Summer Writing Program. Bobbie was married to Robert Creeley for eighteen years.

What did you learn from
Bobbie Louise Hawkins?

A Call for Submissions

Kona Morris has been working on creating a craft book with Bobbie, tentatively entitled Bobbie On Writing. Kona and Bobbie’s daughter, Sarah Creeley, have decided that in addition to the pages compiling Bobbie’s remarkable insight on the art, craft, and process of writing, they will also include a section in the book from people whom Bobbie inspired.

We are asking anyone who ever internalized something from Bobbie’s exceptional wisdom—about the craft of writing and performance, but also about life and anything else—to submit a piece for the book.

These essays (or whatever form they take) will serve as a sort of collective Afterward, a compilation of testimonies, for all those people who were never fortunate enough to learn straight from the source, and for those who have yet to discover the extraordinary gift that the literary world had in Bobbie Louise Hawkins.

Please share this with anyone who knew Bobbie, and email all submissions to the following email address by January 31st, 2019: