En Route


A simple plan. Get to Guatemala City on a hundred dollars. Non-stop. Take turns sleeping and driving. Cans of tuna, boxes of crackers. Canned milk for the babies. Gallon jugs of water. Diaper pail. Sweaters. Comic books.

The baby’s mattress fitted over the motor casing at the far back. A folding gate kept her there and opened to the inside. She could be brought in onto the double bed mattress from the inside. The double bed mattress was on top of a plywood platform. Under the platform were all our transportable worldly possessions.

“What are you doing with those boxes?”

“Making boxes.”

I sawed through an infinity of cardboard and reassembled it to make boxes for every niche, to fit it all in.


This Little Dinosaur chapbook was printed in an edition of 500 copies, 25 of which are numbered and signed, and contain an original illustration by the author.