I am because I think, that’s

I am because I think, that’s
supposed to be education.
You know that guy said that
and it made him famous.
And if a tree falls in
a forest and there’s nobody
to hear it that’s a big deal.
That’s how those hot shots think.
They think they’re so much. Like
nothing happens if they’re not there.
A light bulb is on in a room
and they’re not there, they think
forget it, no light bulb. Some
people never got a light bill,
some people got their head screwed
backwards. The more they think
the less they count. Without that
lightbulb they don’t see, they’re
nothing. That’s education. You ever
been in a room full of those people,
they get together and talk that
shit, and they think they’re thinking
because that’s what they name what
they’re doing, they name it thinking.
Then they say I am because
I think. That’s education.