I had a fight with her and I won.

I had a fight with her and I won.
I was right, that’s the point. I wouldn’t
have won if I hadn’t been right, but
I was right so I won. That’s winning,
it means you’re right. There’s no such thing as
winning a fight if you’re wrong. If you’re
wrong and win then that just means the fight
isn’t over yet. So I won. And
I thought, `Good, now we both know I’m right.’
But she wouldn’t shut up about it.
She kept right on like I hadn’t proved
my point. Like what I said was just nothing.
Like all the ways I showed her I was
right didn’t even get said. I said,
`There’s no point in going on and on.
You know I’m right so shut up. Can’t you
even be a good loser, you bitch.
Can’t you just once be glad you know what’s
what instead of going to so much
trouble to be wrong like it’s special.
Like your goal in life is to be wrong.’
But she couldn’t hear it. She kept on
like the fight wasn’t over, like nothing
got proved. She went on like I didn’t
matter. Like the more I was right the
more she had to say. Finally I
just said she was right to shut her up,
I said, `Ok, have it your way’.