Some Small Poems


He went out for cigarettes.
She went out of her head and
years went by. They called it love
because why not. Everything
gets called something so you can
talk about it. Have a look
at what gets called love and you’ll
see just what I mean. Talk about
slippage. She went to Boise.
He went distraught waiting for her
to get home to the new carpet
and the old habits. They just
couldn’t live without each other
and there’s no reason why they
should. Talk about a phone bill,
they talked constantly, just to
make sure where they were, and said
“I love you,” and hung up the
phone into their own void of
“Guess I’ll go to bed now.”

Limited edition of 50 copies printed for the author’s reading at Brillig Works Cafe. Boulder, CO, October 12, 1994.