The Great American Music Hall

“A gestalt in which each of the three women combines her own individual art to create a unified whole.”
— Kinesis

“Pride, courage, spirit, and a lot to share… Each is a gifted artist and a giving woman.”
— Twin Cities Reader

“A no-bullshit attitude and a sense of humor.”
—Boston Phoenix

“A Composite of experiences causing an introspective look into one’s own existence.”
—Toledo: The Collegian

Run out and buy “Live at the American Music Hall…featuring the live performances of Terry Garthwaite, Bobbie Louise Hawkins and Rosalie Sorrels. A fabulous collection. The album liner notes remark on Hawkins’ ability to turn “an ordinary event into a wry musical meditation on life, death and everything in between”, and this is also what the album accomplishes. Rosalie Sorrels singing Mitchell’s Pine Tree is an enduring treasure that one comes back to again and again. Her voice and lyricism knock out a definitive rendition of this overlooked gem. Garthwaite brings down the house by simply wrapping her country blusey chops around the folksy riff, “Hoy Hoy Hoy”. Everyone familiar with the cycle of spousal abuse should listen to Hawkins’ solution in “I Owe You One” It brought the rest of the house down. Highly recommended.

Review: NY Times

2: Take Love for Instance

4: Liver and Onions

7: I Owe You One

12: Magic Piece